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Durban House Community Hub

Durban House Community Hub, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire
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Durban House has now been resurrected as a Community Hub for use by the local residents.

Durban House is situated on Mansfield Road, at Eastwood, on the corner of the junction with Greenhill's Road. The house has a strong connection with DH Lawrence, and is only a short walk from D.H. Lawrence's birthplace, and Eastwood's town centre.

Durban House was built in 1896, for The Barber Walker mining company, and was once the wages offices for Brinsley Colliery, this was the colliery where D.H. Lawrence's father worked, and this is where a young Bert Lawrence would call and collect his fathers pay packet. The house was then turned into a mining officials institute, with a concert hall, billiard table, and library, before being converted into flats. After the flats were closed down, the house stood derelict for several years before being fully renovated in 1998, and turned into a mining museum and heritage centre.

In 2022, Durban House took on its new role as a Community Hub, and has now been awarded charity status. This will enable all those concerned with the local community to expand their range of projects, and to benefit Eastwood and the surrounding areas. Plans include creating a community garden, a cafe upstairs, and space for dementia patients and their families, also to help facilitate the providing of local pre-loved school uniforms, and warm clothing and bedding for those struggling to keep warm during winter.

Glyn Hassell, chair of trustees for the charity, said: “This has been a real labour of love and took numerous attempts. It is a great testament to everyone involved, and a validation of the ambitious plans we all have to improve the lives of our local community. Many things that were on hold until we were officially a charity, can now proceed".

Update - 21st. May 2024. Durban House is now closed for renovation, and according to the Broxtowe Borough Council website, "this is to allow for essential maintenance works to the internal of Durban House to make the building compliant, and facilitate a letting at the property be approved".

Rumours are starting to emerge that Durban House is to be used as the offices for a well known company, but I have not been able to confirm that this company is the 'letting' mentioned by the Council, so if anyone from the Council, or the well known company, can give me any further information regarding this matter I will be happy to update this page with the correct information.

Below are links to the Durban House Community Hub Website, and also their Facebook page, further information, including any updates, can be obtained through those links.


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